Sample Story

Boot Swap with a Queen

I’m a rather tall woman with large feet and finding a really kick ass pair of bitch boots can be very difficult. So, when you find them you have to go for it. I have these great lavender knee high boots. They zip up and have 2 ½ high spiked heels. Well, OK there was this time when lets say the boots had an unforgettable night. We were at Nye’s Polonaise for a friend’s after wedding party. The bride was there and all the drag queens too. One of the drag queens came up to me and said, “Honey, where did you get those boots?” I think she thought I was also a drag queen because I was hovering at 6 foot 2 or 6 foot 3 in heels all dressed to the nines. Nye’s Polonaise is where many of the Drag Queens hang out. I could easily be mistaken to be one; especially, when you dress and act a little over the top like I tend to do after a great reception. Anyway, she wanted to try on my boots and I thought her shoes were fabulous too. So we traded shoes for the night. We danced in each other’s shoes. It was great. I probably would have forgotten that entire wedding reception because for the most part it was uneventful except for the unforgettable boot swap with the drag queen.

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Merrill’s Shoe Boutique

There was a woman named Merrill that had her own shoe boutique. She was known to find the unique. I was probably 23 at the time and I had a disposable income. I was working my first career position and I had no debts yet. Most of the time I went to admire her shoes. Then one day, I went into Merrill’s and there was this pair of shoes that were candy apple red like nothing I have ever seen before. I had to have them. They were like Espadrilles but more like a flat, hot red with silver heels and silver straps that you would wrap around your angle and tie in the back. I found a way to not only wear them in the evening but I was able to incorporate them into my wardrobe for daytime too. That summer I was working for a bank. As outrageous as it might sound now, I would wear my red-hot shoes with the silver straps to the bank with my black walking shorts, a white shirt and a red leather belt.  Lol! I cannot believe I got away with wearing them at work.

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