Our Philosophy

All of our products are part of a process of creation that entails a hands on approach from idea to packaged item.


We use organic and 100% pure essential oils in our products.


We hold a high respect for Eastern and Native American (primarily Anishinaabe) knowledge of herbal plants passed down through the generations.

* Herbs from both worlds * from top to bottom ginger, sandalwood, helichryum, borage, yarrow

 An Alchemist’s Corner

The perfumes and scents found in our products have been created by one of us unless it says otherwise.

“I use the old method of Notes to create new perfumes and scents for Body Spashes and All Purpose Sprays.”   -River


Beauty: Face, Body, & Soul

Every product is made with 100% pure essential oils and distilled water. They are all free of Perfumes. Lip Balms to Body Splashes

Herbal Salves

Are made from 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. These oils come from plants whose medicinal properties have been passed down to the next generation for centuries. Each product begins as a recipe that has exactly seven essential oils and three carrier oils. The knowledge of these oils has come to me through oral and written means of study. The above picture is a mix of important plants medicinally.