Sample Story- WOS

Rubies & Cobblestones, Oh my!

I will never forget my Rubies I bought for when my sister and I met to share high tea at the Imperious Hotel in Victoria. I bought them off the Nordstrom rack in Minneapolis on my way to go out there. I was not thinking about the cost of the shoes or if I would wear them again. It was one of those impulsive things.  Often, it is difficult for me to find a good pair of shoes in size 11 let alone a fancy pair of heels like that- bright red and embroidered with rhinestones and ridiculous flowers. They jumped of the shelf, wear me! Total attention getters and ridiculously tall heels for a six-foot woman. Lol, just a little excessive. I wore those shoes all day long, up and down the street, strutting like a peacock. I remember thinking it was the greatest. I have never worn those shoes since; actually, it was the most painful experience of my life. At the time, the emotion of loving the shoes some how masked the pain that I was feeling walking in them up and down the cobblestone streets. In a city that was all that there was, no way I was going to take off those fancy new shoes that I spent way to much money on.

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