Body Essentials

Body Splashes

An after bath splash of aromas or an afternoon touch up. At home or on the go. Anytime, Anywhere. Safe to spray on self and linen.

Body Splashes are made the same way as an All Purpose Spray except they stem from a perfume I created with essential oils.


Mystique-an eastern floral with woody base

Desire- a floral musk

Audrey- sensual and fresh; an exquisite feminine aroma


*our spray bottles are reusable


Herbal Salves

Are made from 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. These oils come from plants whose medicinal properties have been passed down to the next generation for centuries. Each product begins as a recipe that has exactly seven essential oils and three carrier oils. The knowledge of these oils has come to me through oral and written means of study. I cannot guarantee these salves will help your ailments but I can honestly say they have helped many people including myself.

Muscle Magic- for relief from cramping and spasming muscles.

Joint Relief- for relief from joint pain and stiffness.

Anti-Itch- for relief from bug bites.

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